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Email has become an important part of our daily routine since the Internet became the axle to the wheel of our lives.

And Gmail is synonymous to Email. While we may have mastered the art of writing perfectly curated emails, we are yet to find a way to perfectly time these emails.

There are times when we need to send a mail at a later stage but have got the time to type it now.

But then you obviously forget to send the perfect mail later.

Also, nobody wants their emails to contain midnight timestamps.

Another major issue with not being able to custom deliver emails from Gmail is that communication with people in different time zones becomes difficult.

But don't fret!


Here we bring to you 5 ways to schedule your emails in Gmail.
Have a look-


It's a simple plugin that adds on to Gmail. Though it works best with chrome, it has variants for Firefox, Opera and Safari along with apps for Android and iPhone.

The process to use it is easy. Start with downloading the boomerang plugin from the boomerang site and add it to your Gmail.

Once it is installed take an introductory tour to understand it's featured. Once you see the boomerang icon on top of your Gmail you are ready to go. After you compose a new mail to be sent later click on the send later button at the bottom left corner and select the time. Then give permission to boomerang by clicking on the allow button in the next screen and you are good to go!

Hubspot Sales Services (previously Sidekick)

Another add-on similar to Boomerang is Sidekick. Once you have signed up and installed the plugin for Gmail you'll see a send later option in the composed mail segment. For the first time use, you have to give offline access to your Gmail to HubSpot and you will be able to schedule your emails for being sent later. To get access to all services you can either go Premium of invite others for one-month premium use. It can also be used to track and send emails from your smartphones with the Android and iPhone apps. 

Gmail Delay Send from Contact Monkey

Another widely used application for delayed emails, Gmail delay send from contact monkey lets you have a free 14-day trial once you sign up.

Once it has been installed it integrates seamlessly with the Gmail interface. You see a sidebar which you can remove or adjust using orange arrow buttons. When you compose a mail you see a send later button near the send button which can be used to schedule emails. The email stays in the drafts till the time has come to send it and it even notifies you when the mail has been sent.

Gmail in Outlook

If you use Outlook for Gmail you don't even need to install an add-on. While you compose your email in Outlook simply select the more options arrow in the tags group in the ribbon. Under delivery options, select do not deliver before option, select date and time and click okay. The mail will stay in outbox till it's your scheduled time to send it. Outlook also gives you options to set rules for delivery of all your emails.


Gmelius is another extension that overhauls the Gmail application. It is a communication tool designed for business and helps you design profession mails along with scheduling them. This is the best tool if you want to avoid any blog posting service.

Other than e-mail schedule, the procedure of which is similar to other plugins, Gmelius lets you send recurring emails, full tracking, preconfigured email templates even CRM.

Think we missed out on another option?
Tell us in the comments section below.

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