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SBI Mutual Fund - InvesTap v4.7 Apk (Indian MF Tracking App)

SBI Mutual Fund - InvesTap Apk Download. Download SBI InvesTap, the best indian mutual fund tracking app for android. Its a best app for mutual funds india. we will also discuss "what is arn code in sbi mutual fund". So lets start.
sbi mutual fund investap app

SBI Mutual Fund App

Hello Trickshook friends, after a parky week I'm back right here with SBI Mutual Fund Android App named InvesTap. A Mutual Fund & SIP Investment App for quick & convenient Investment options. Uncomplicate your mutual fund investments with invesTap - a mutual fund investment app by SBI Mutual Fund. If you searching for mutual funds tracker app then you're landed on right place. Download SBI invest app now and start tracking your sip and mf investments easily.

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SBI InvesTap : Best Mutual Fund Tracking App in India

Heralding a new era of mobile investments, SBI MF invesTap is a quick, convenient and efficient app that allows investors to manage investments on the go. InvesTap provides daily NAV updates on Mutual Fund NAVs and investor's portfolio performance enabling investors to plan and invest effectively.

With SBI invesTap you can now

  • Invest in Mutual Funds instantly - All you need is your PAN to start your investments
  • Get a holistic view of your mutual fund investments
  • Start your SIP as early as 5 days

  • Why SBI InvesTap is best indian mutual fund tracker app

    Here are a few reasons as to why is invesTap a good choice for your mutual fund investments

  • Quick & Easy access to your investments:
    Set a 6 digit MPIN or simply request for an OTP each time you login and bid adieu to the hassle of maintaining multiple passwords.
  • Favourite Transactions:
    Mark your frequent investments such as your tax saving plans as favourites and re-invest in them in just a few clicks.
  • Multiple Investment Options:
    Apart from NetBanking you can also invest in SBI mutual funds thorugh Debit Cards, UPI accounts and One Time Mandates.
  • Online OTM Registration:
    Register a One Time Mandate online and start your SIP plans as early as 5 days from the current date.
  • Interactive Product Page:
    Get access to detailed information about each of our Mutual Fund schemes. The NAV graph helps you track the NAV of each scheme over the past 5 years and monitor returns of each scheme.
  • SIP calculator:
    Estimate your SIP returns through our Systematic Investment Plan performance calculator, simply select the investment duration and the installment amount to get an estimate of what your investments would have amounted to today basis the schemes past performance.

  • Screenshots: -->
    Sbi mutual fund app download

    Sbi mf tracking app

    Best mutual fund tracking app in india

    what is arn code in sbi mutual fund ?

    AMFI introduced the process to register the intermediaries who have passed the certification test as AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisors (ARMFA), thus laying the foundation for an organized industry and allotting a unique code-AMFI Registration Number (ARN) along with an identity card.

    SBI Mutual Fund App Download


    Conclusion :
    So guys, we are wrapping up now. Hope you will like this mutual fund mobile app. Its an top mutual fund app in india. Download the app today and get started with your Systematic Investment Plans! This is not all! We have a lot more features lined up, to help ease the mobile investment process. If you have any query related to sbi mutual fund broker code, arn code then comment me right below. If you find this app usefull to you then share this article to your friends and family.



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