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Evernote Alternative Best Note Taking Apps 2018

Lets take a note in a professional way by these Evernote alternative 2018 note taking apps. These all best apps are works well on cross-platform, means you can use it on your Windows/Mac/Android/linux. These evernote replacement apps are also an open source applications and encrypted end-to-end at the same time. If you tried of searching evernote alternative reddit or other social platform discussion then you are landed at right place. Because we are going to share Evernote ernative to Evernote to use in 2017, as well as 2018.
Evernote alternative

Evernote Alternative 2018

Many people were thought that evernote going out of business this year 2017. If you are also thinking same then you can chose our popular alternative of Evernote note taking apps. These apps can completely replaced Evernote. These are almost have same features like Evernote and somehow have beter specification than Evernote that can be used in any platform. So why are waiting for lets start.

Evernote alternative open source applications

Do you want open source Evernote alternative? Then there are top 5 best open source apps can suit your note take experience.

  • Turtl
  • Simplenote
  • Laverna
  • Onenote
  • Zim

    Evernote alternative android apps

    As a android user cum lover i can't miss the android apps that are alternative to Evernote.

  • Microsoft onenote Android
  • Google Keep
  • SimpleNote Android
  • Turle Android
  • colorNote Android

  • Evernote alternative Mac applications

    when we talking about Evernote alternative for Mac Os platform then we found some common name like -

  • Laverna Mac
  • Microsoft Onenote Mac
  • Simplenote Mac
  • Turtl Mac
  • Zim Mac

  • Top 7 Best Evernote Alternative Note Taking Apps 2018

    Now its time discuss about some cool featured alternative apps from these above list.

    1. Microsoft Onenote :

    Onenote vs Evernote

    Onenote is digital notebook application from Microsoft, which can suits needs perfectly. If you are a social active person then you might be notice evernote vs onenote discussion on reddit. Its works well on every platform like android, windows, mac or linux. You can note, draw, or make To-Do-List easily and all are free. You can also attach picture and formulas in your note. Overall its a easy to use note taking app with plenty of plugin support.

    2. Laverna :

    Laverna vs Evernote

    Laverna is another best Evernote alternate JavaScript note taking application. It has awesome features to amaze you. Its has markdown editor and html support. Its biggest advantage is its open source, encrypted storage that allows you to host your own data safely. Its also a cross-platform app that provide support in any os. Because of encryption, its a secure and private note taking app unlike Evernote.

    3. Simplenote :

    Simplenote vs evernote

    Simplenote is another Evernote alternative open source application powered by WordPress. Quick sync, stylish responsive ui, self-hosted make it unique from others. Its also has markdown and cross-platform support.

    4. Turtl :

    Turtle vs Evernote encryption

    If you searching encrypted evernote alternative note taking apps then Turtl is best for you. Its end-to-end encryption make your data more private. Its has quick sync support and export import support. Its best for bookmark and note syncing. Its also a open source application.

    5. Google keep :

    Google keep vs Evernote android alternative

    Actually Google is not ideal replacement of Evernote. But it can deserve this place when only talking about android platform. Its sticky note taking app. Google Keep has some cool features including color coding notes, inserting images, creating lists, geo-fencing, shareable notes etc. Google keep is not support text formatting, only simple text. But you can say its a best mobile note taking apps.

    6. Zim :

    Zim is another alternate app to take notes. Its also a open source and cross-platform app that bring back wiki concept. Zim is best to store and organize notes with lots of images. Its markdown feature is different looking than other. Its also has fast synchronization that you can sync lots of note in no time.

    7. ColorNote :

    ColorNote is least but great app like Evernote. Its actually a Evernote alternative android app that can provide support on android os only. You can say it is best Google Keep alternatives. It also support normal text editing like google keep and also has other feature which similar to evernote and google keep.

    Conclusion :
    So guys, we are wrapping up now. Hope you are liked my article about evernote alternative 2017. If you also have any query or suggestion related to export evernote to google keep, evernote export to onenote, export evernote to google drive, export evernote to pdf, export evernote to word, evernote export all notes, evernote alternative reddit 2017 then you can send your problems here by comment below. Don't foeget share with your friends if you likes these best Evernote similar apps.