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Jio Phone Alternative 4G VoLTE Feature Phone in India

Want to buy jio phone? Think twice because there are some best Jio Phone Alternative 4G VoLTE Feature Phone in India. Although Jio phone is not first 4g feature phone in market, but it start a trend. Now many people likes 4G VoLTE Feature Phone rather than smartphones. Because they are more handy to use. If you prepares to purchase jio phone then you must check this article before. There are lots of Similar 4G VOLTE Feature Phone available which are alternatives to Jio Phone.
Jio phone alternative 4g feature phone
Jio Phone Alternative 4G VoLTE Feature Phone

Jio Phone Alternative

If you searching for Feature phone like jio phone, jio phone similar 4g feature phone with price then you're landed right place. Because we are providing Reliance Jio Phone Alternative 4G VOLTE Feature Phone with Price & Specification. You are very well known about that jio phone is locked to jio network. But these best jio phone alternative 4g feature phones are ready to used with any network. They are support 4g/3g/2g & capable to sim or battery removal. So don't waste time, quickly check AAlternative a 4G voLTE Feature Phone which are alternative of Jio phone.

Best 4G VoLTE Feature Phone in India

Here is best of 4g feature phone in india. As per jio effect more companies launches their 4g feature phone to compete with jio phone. There are some indian company's name reveals in this race like Micromax, Lava, Intex etc.

Micromax Bharat 1: 4G Feature Phone

Micromax bharat 1 alternative to jio phone
Micromax 4G Feature Phone

Micromax Bharat 1 is one of the best 4G Feature to compete with jio phone. As per jio effect this feature phone from Micromax launched just after diwali 21 Oct 2017 and will be available in all retail store from 22 oct. People can buy micromax feature phone offline. It has great features which gives a tough competition to jio phone. Now we are going to campare between micromax bharat 1 & jio phone.

Micromax Bharat 1 Price: 2200 (Approx)

Micromax Bharat 1 vs Jio Phone

  • SIM Type:
    Jio phone is a single sim feature and it is locked to jio network. That's mean you only use jio sim with jio phone.
    But Micromax Bharat 1 is a Dual Sim feature phone and it is not locked to any network. That's mean you can use any sim with this micromax bharat 1.

  • Connectivity:
    Jio phone has 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Gps, NFC, Bluetooth. But it hasn't offer Tethering.
    Where Micromax bharat 1 has 2G/3G/4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Gps, Bluetooth along with Hotspot Tethering. So you can share your data with micrmax bharat 1.
  • OS:
    Jio phone comes with Kai OS and its a linux based os.
    Where Micromax bharat 1 comes with Forked Android. So it feels a android environment.
  • Processor:
    Jio phone comes with Dual Core Spreadtrum processor.
    Where Micromax bharat 1 comes with Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor.

  • Other Field:
    Micromax bharat 1 & Jio phone both same in these several field. They are both have 2000 mAh battery, 2.4 OVGA Display, 2 MP rear Camera and 0.2 MP Front Camera, 512 mb RAM, 4GB storage with 128 Gb expandability.

  • Lava 4G Connect M1

    Jio phone alternative lava connect m1
    Lava Connect M1 4G Feature Phone

    Lava connect M1 is another 4G Feature phone which is alternative to jio phone. Lava Connect M1 4G the first 4G feature phone to be announced in India. It is a full featured candy bar phone which satisfy you in many way.

    Lava 4G Connect M1 Price: 3000 (Approx)

    The Lava 4G Connect M1 has a 2.4-inch screen and is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with unspecified chipset. It comes with 512MB RAM. It has 4GB internal storage, microSD card support up to 32GB, 1750mAh battery, and a single VGA camera on the back. Lava Connect M1 has 4G/3G/2G connectivity.

    Intex Turbo+  4G

    Jio phone similar intext 4g feature phone
    Intex Turbo+ 4G

    Intex Turbo 4G is the latest 4G feature phone to be announced in India. Intex Turbo Plus 4G has great features to make it best Alternatives to Jio Phone. As for the specifications, the Intex Turbo 4G has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 2-megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera, 4GB internal storage, expansion support up to 32GB, and 2000mAh battery. Intex has not announced the price and release date of the handset yet. We will update this post when intex announced their price for Intex Turbo 4G.

    Intex Turbo+ 4G Price: Unspecified

    Idea 4G Phone

    Idea Cellular has confirmed that they are going to launch a 4G feature phone of its own to complete with jio phone. Idea says it will best alternative to jio phone. Idea 4g feature phone will be priced around Rs. 2,500. Unlike JioPhone, the Idea 4G Feature phone will come with support for Top social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Google. Idea still not revealed their price for idea 4G Feature phone.

    Idea 4G Feature Phone Price: Unspecified

    So guys, these are best 4G Feature phone announced so far. This best 4 best 4G keypad Feature phone is alternatives to Jio Phone. So first campare and then buy the best 4G feature phone in india. If any other companies launch their 4G Feature phone in market, you will be notified first through this article. So bookmark this page. Also don't forget to share if it's helpful to you. Hope you are enjoyed this best Jio Phone Alternative 4G Feature Phone in India.

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