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Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC 2017 [Emulators For iPhone]

Do you want to play iOS games or apps, but don't have an iphone? Do you want to run iOS apps on pc windows 10/8 ? Yes its now possible to play iOS games on PC / computer using iPhone Emulator.

But there are many choices for Emulators for iOS in front of you. So i'm doing work for you and find out Best iOS Emulator for Windows. Install iOS applications on Windows 10 PC or Mac using this free emulator apps for iPhone/iPad. So, if you are looking for iOS app player, ipad emulator, PlayStation emulator then keep reading this article, I will list all the iOS-based free emulators apps for windows or mac are below following.
Best iOS Emulator for pc
Best iOS Emulator For Windows

iOS Emulator wiki

Before starting, you must curious to know what is mean by iOS emulator and how its works.

An iOS emulator is software that allows the host to behave like another operating system to run the software devices or the application that are originally developed to be used by that particular operating system.

And these iPhone emulator is design to allow a Windows-based computer to emulate or imitate an iOS-based device through certain specific programs that have been specially created for this purpose.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows

Hope you've got quite a bit of an idea about emulators and simulators for iOS / iPhone. So, let's discuss about the best iOS / iPad emulator for Windows PC without any delay.

SmartFace Emulator

Smartface Emulator is one of the most popular iOS emulators that provide basic iOS functions for the Windows operating system and allows users to developed unlimited iPhone applications absolutely free of cost. It is a easy to use program. You just has to do is install the application on the emulator through the application store and then connect it to the windows system. SmartFace has skilled to provide the ability of users to test applications in various iOS environments
SmartFace Download 

Once iOS apps and games is emulated on the Windows device, developers can developed native applications through SmartFace. There is also the function of debugging your applications with useful debugging features such as breakpoints, real-time code changes and many more.

MobiOne Study iOS Emulator

MobiOne Study iOS Emulator is most versatile and easy-to-use software that allows users to emulate various iOS applications. Mobione is designed by more than half a million designers and developers since its launch in 2009. Mobione study has some unique features such as custom user interface templates that use drag and drop for both vertical and horizontal orientations, can modify. MobiOne also supports large-sized iOS applications. Its a best alternative of smartface ios emulator.

Mobione studio iphone emulator download

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is widely regarded as one of the best programs to create very realistic iOS emulation effects. This program works with the support of the Adobe Air framework that recreates the graphical user interface or GUI of the selected IOS in the computers of the Windows platform. This program is of great importance to developers who can upload their newly developed applications to the Air iPhone emulator before releasing it to see how it looks and feels.

Although there are several functions available in this emulator, some basic applications such as the Safari web browser are not available due to the limitations of its use. Air iPhone emulator was originally designed to allow users to make and receive free calls through Ribbit.

iPhone Simulator

The iPhone simulator for PC works in flash and is considered one of the most important applications when it comes to the ease of use and the brightness of the interface. Although this application does not allow access to some crucial iPhone applications like the App Store or the Safari browser, it is still very useful when it comes to having access to other popular applications such as notepad, clock, calculator , etc.

While it seems that this simulator is using iOS, which is basically a flash application. Unfortunately this program might not be very useful for advanced application developers. it is still very useful for those who want to experience the iOS environment before deciding to invest in an iOS device.

iPadian iPhone Emulator

As its name suggests, iPadian is an iPad emulator for PC that runs Windows XP or higher to easily launch an alternative desktop that looks like an iPad screen. Actually iPadian is not really a true ipad emulator, but rather a simulator ios for pc.

iPadian is actually a desktop application that is based on the Adobe Air platform. Although it is not possible to access many of the iOS applications in the iPadian, it comes with its own application store, which is a set of applications that can run on windows and give the user a feeling of using iOS applications.
iPadian iOS Emulator Download

iPadian also has some major interface issues, as it treats and emulates the iPad that has a touch interface and when rendered on PC, does not end up giving the same experience to users as the sliding touch screen function can not be perfectly emulated.


Appetize.Io is another best iOS emulators for Windows. Appetize is a fully cloud-based iOS emulator and can not be downloaded as .exe to your PC / computer like all above. Whatever it is an best example of emulators for iPhone/iOS.

It is available for free for the first 100 minutes per month. After that you will be charged $ 0.05 per minute. And also you will not be able to install any ios apps and games on this emulator as it is demo based. I can only got full version by trying .ipa files on it. just upload a .ipa file in the upload form and enter your email address. You will receive a link in your email. Just click on it to test your .ipa file in the Appetize.io emulator online.

Conclusion :
So now we are not being limited to our old os. You can try other os if you just wanted to test them. No need to buy a iPhone to use a iOS app, you can use that app from your windows PC with these bunch emulators for iOS/iPhone. Now play ios games or run ios apps anything what you want. Install ios apps on windows 10 using free emulator apps. So don't waste time try any of one ipad emulator today. If you have any queries regrading iso emulator spot, emu for ios download, ipad emulator for windows 10, iphone app emulator for windows, run ios apps on windows 8, apple ios on windows pc then please use our comment box below and send your valuable comment to us.

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