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Best Alternative to WordPress 2017

Hello bloggers, are you looking for a best WordPress alternative? We are work hard to make a top list of WordPress competitors. If you searching for Best alternative to WordPress, WordPress alternatives, wordpress competitors, open source cms like WordPress, wordpress alternate, wordpress alternatives 2017 then you are landed at right place.

WordPress Alternatives 2017

Guys, if you're planning for Start a Blog this year or next year 2018, you check here for wordpress alternatives cms, wordpress blog alternative, wordpress alternatives 2017, alternatives to wordpress for websites, alternatives to the WordPress for blogging. So must check before you start the journey and be professional in blogging with these best WordPress alternate cms platform.
Best alternative to WordPress
WordPress Alternatives CMS platform

Best Alternative to WordPress

Blogging is one of best hobby of the century. It is our key to boss-less freedom and passion that can be handle beside any other work. WordPress is a easy to use blogging platform with infinite feature and customization. But it's slightly costly for beginners. So newbie blogger need a Best Alternative to WordPress.

1. Blogger

Blogger is best alternative to wordpress free blogging service bought by Google. It is founded in 1999. Blogger offers great services to beginners for free but their designs are a bit elementary. It is perfect for a beginners. You can create a Blog and publish your first post for free with only a Gmail account. You can also create multiple blog with a single gmail.
So what makes it Best WordPress alternative?
  • You can publish a article anywhere on the go with Blogger-Official android app.

  • As well as it has huge community.

  • Also you can share images, video along with your text.

  • Blogger is open source platform. So you can easily edit HTML/CSS with some coding knowledge.

  • Even you have your own template designer.

  • You can track traffic stats in Blogger and many more.

  • You can also monetize your blog with Adsense at no charge.

That's why many Blog writers started publishing content with Blogger. So its deserve first place for WordPress alternative. But blogger designs appear a bit childish today. Also blogger comes with ".blogspot" extension. You have to pay $10/year for a domain name without the “.blogspot” extension – otherwise totally free. You can also buy third-party cheap domain name anywhere else and put in it as a custom domain.

2. Ghost

Ghost is the second best alternative to wordpress cms founded by Ghost Foundation. Some wordpress users felt that wordpress is going to lost simplicity in blogging, gave the birth to Ghost. Ghost is a NodeJS based wordpress alternative blogging software.
The goal of Ghost is just focusing on blogging and keeping other clutter away. It provides a clean writing experience and simple browsing experience for bloggers and readers at the same time. Ghost is completely Open-source, so once you download it you own it and it organized at run by volunteers and non-profits. It is a Free of cost blogging platform with premium service offered. So these are makes it one of Best WordPress Competitor.

3. Medium

Medium is a popular wordpress alternative CMS publishing platform. It is totally different than WordPress in many ways. Although it is not a full Content Management System(CMS). Medium is focusing on blogging and the community aspect. It aims to connect people with stories and ideas that really matters. But its still has low usership.

4. Joomla

Joomla is a best alternative to wordpress advanced CMS used by developers to publish some of the websites we visits each day. Being a best wordpress competitor, Joomla is a strong, multi-purpose, and open source CMS. It has a huge community of users and developers. Joomla written in PHP, it uses many of the same structures as a WordPress site does. Joomla is one of the web’s oldest and savviest places to run a blog or website.

5. Drupal

Beside Joomla in terms of popularity, Drupal is a power-packed CMS that can also be a best WordPress alternative. Drupal is used as a framework to build your own CMS. Drupal is the most complex and challenging of the three major CMSs — but the super-sophisticated platform also comes with strongest security and performance that appeals to wordpress competitor's large companies and organizations dealing with sensitive information.

6. Jekyll

Jekyll has make a stand for best alternatives to wordpress which transforms your text from plain text editors to websites and blog pages. It’s not a CMS like wordpress – no updates, comment moderation or dashboard stuff – just your content, sweet ans simple. It is hosted and supported by GitHub so a potential way to get free hosting. Jekyll is a static site generator. It is written in Ruby and requires NodeJS. It is a lot different than WordPress. Jekyll takes your text and generates static HTML pages for your site.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is another popular wordpress alternative free blogging platform. Tumblr combines blogging with social, and makes blogging so entertaining.
At a time when WordPress and Blogger were neck-and-neck for new users, Tumblr raised their head as the 3rd guy to the party. Tumblr is great platform that allows users to choose from free or premium themes. Tumblr Users can also use custom domain names for their Tumblr blogs. Apart from your blog, you can also create pages. Tumblr was recently bought by Yahoo, who has interesting plans for the whole blog advertising thing.

8. Wix

Wix is a cloub-based web development platform and all-in-one website builders. Wix appeals to best alternate of wordpress for both novice and experienced users. Wix is a completely hosted web site builder. It is best suitable to use for small personal and business websites. Just like WordPress it also can be modify using the drag and drop page builder.
wix is also suitable for eCommerce website. Wix is packed up with hundreds of impressive templates organized into specific categories, industries, and use cases. Wix is good to start a website but its customization options are limited and third party plugins cannot be added. Wix is best wordpress alternative popular platform for among musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and other small business owners who want a quick-fix website on a very low budget.

9. Weebly

Weebly is a ready-to-go resource for sheer simplicity, and it is available with included hosting or is often found included with many shared hosting plans. Weebly is another best wordpress alternative which completely hosted online site builder. Its Drag and drop feature makes it so easy that any noob could use it. If any noob want to start blogging in a small way, Weebly should be his/her pick.

10. Google sites

Google Sites is an easier and simpler way to build small websites. Google Sites builder is new platform that integrates with all the familiar Google apps you’re used to using. Google sites is best alternative to WordPress in terms of build eCommerce website or start a blog. It is easy to use, free hosted, and you can even use your own custom domain for your site. Don't ever compared Google sites to other CMS software like weebly or wix ; it is best for site builders and it can be tough competitor for all other site builder.

Best of WordPress Alternatives Reddit 2017

There much more wordpress competitor alive in this race but we don't have enough time to give you detailed report like above. So we are making a sort list that discussed widely in reddit.
  1. Squarespace
  2. Textpattern
  3. Expression Engine
  4. Shopify
  5. Statamic
  6. CMSMS
  7. Magento
  8. PrestaShop
  9. Quora
  10. Contentful

Conclusion :
So guys we are now wrapping up about best alternative to wordpress 2017. If you are thinking about to start a blog then these best 10 CMS Software is best for your beginning. These are all open source cms system that can replace WordPress. Here in Trickshook, we are still using blogger and planning for upgrade to best content management system (CMS). That could be wordpress or its alternative. If you have any query related to wordpress alternatives, alternative to wordpress, wordpress like cmc competitors then send your valuable feedback to us. Don't forget to share this post to all blogger friends if you are find it helpful.


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