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How to Install and Setup Cortana on Windows 10 PC 2017

Hello guys, Lets talk about Cortana Windows. Its a very well known term for windows 10 Users. If you are newbie for windows 10 Operating and search for How to Install Cortana on Windows 10, then you are landing right place. So stay tuned with Trickshook for detailed thought about Cortana for Windows.

cortana windows
Cortana Windows

Cortana Defination: Cortana Wiki

Before going to further discusion, you may need to know more about Cortana for windows. As per cortana wiki, Cortana is a Digital Assistant created by microsoft for windows 10. Windows Cortana was first demonstrated at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in April 2013 in San Francisco.

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How does Cortana Works on Windows

Cortana can set reminders, recognize your natural voice with out the requirement for keyboard input, and answer your questions the use of records from the Bing search engine. Cortana has some competeters against such assistants like Apple 's Siri vs Cortana , Google 's Google Assistant vs cortana and Amazon's Alexa .

How to Install Cortana on Windows 10/8/7

  • At first Download Cortana.exe for your pc running windows 10/8/7

  • If your pc already have Cortana then you can skip step 1.

  • Now Install Downloaded Cortana.exe like other .exe files and "Run as Administration"

  • Hurray you have succesfully installed Cortana on windows 10.

  • How to set up Cortana on Windows 10

    So guys, now we have a cortana installed pc and its showing taskbar. Just want to know How to setup Cortana on Windows 10/8/7, then keep your eyes below.

  • At first you need to launch Cortana for the first time.

  • To do so click on the Start Menu button or Windows icon placed at the bottom left corner of your pc display.

  • Now click All apps

  • Click the circle button Cortana icon placed above the windows icon.

  • Now click "Use Cortana"

  • Now You have choise of two

  • 1st, You may choise YES to personalize your female digital assistant "Cortana" and make use of cortana to do various job like speech, typing and many more.

  • or You can choise NO THANKS if you don't want to cool features turned on.

  • How to show cortana in taskbar on windows 10

    Now you are done with How to install Cortana on Windows 10 & How to setup Cortana for Windows 10, so now we can move on to How to placed it on Taskbar. so just follow below words.
    1. Just Right click on taskbar on windows 10

    2. Click on cortana & You will be get 3 Option: Hidden, Show Cortana Icon & Show Search box

    3. Click "Hidden" if you want to see Cortana in taskbar

    4. Click "Show Cortana Icon" if you want to see Cortana Circle icon on your windows 10 Taskbar.

    5. Click "Show Search Box" if you want to see Cortana's search box in taskbar.

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    So guys, we are reached the last page of our disscusion. Now you should know How to Install Cortana on Windows 10, How to Setup Cortana for Windows 10/8/7. We start talking about the Cortana defination as well as cortana wiki. Then we move on cortana's installtion process and then we talk about How to Setup cortana in any windows without error. If You have any query or suggestion related to Windows Cortana then please comment below us.

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