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How to Change Your Android Phone Icon Without Launcher (No Root)

Hello guys, today i'm going to share a trick to change android icon without installing any launcher apps. You might search "how to change icons on android root" Or "how to change android theme non rooted" or "how to change icons on android home screen"; If your answer yes then you are landing at right place. Because we are going to share a tutorial about How to use icon pack without launcher. You change your android theme without launcher by changing android icons no root.

How to change icons on android phone

If you’re an Android smart phone user, customization possibilities are probably one of the things you enjoy so much about this Google’s mobile operating system. Here in Trickshook, we are comes with a guest post to confirm that now you can change your old and boring icons with some effective brand new refresher icons. Surely these fresh app icons mood up you and your gadget life. So try these New android App icon today.
So what i'm said, Android apps are the important thing in android smartphone. Millions of Apps are available for multiple purposes. Every android app have particular app icon for identify them with image. But every android smartphone have different types of icon pack looks. When we get bored on the old launcher themes and icons. We are searching for way that we can change android theme easily in settings . If you have still problem. Then you are landing at right place. But guys, i know icons are not replace by other images. There is no options provided by android. So here am to slove your matter and going to sharing this method for change android icons without any launcher.

Change your android app icon without launcher in non-rooted phone

Its a true fact for android users is that any android cool customization methods is only available when we are with root access. But many Trickshook users don't want to root their phone and getting Warrenties invalid. But With this method no need any rooting. So that you can use this method in your both rooted & non rooted mobiles. So anybody can enjoy your android with new experience. Your Android device looks like new with your old touch. These following tricks are 100% working fine in any version android mobiles.

How To Change Android Icons Without Any Launcher :

No need to change the whole android theme and look, but wanna change your android icons? Here is the application called Awesome Icon and Icon Changer helps you in that case. These both apps working well to change your android application icons.You can replace your app icon with any of gallery image. Both apps are working fine for change your android icons. So No need to change your whole theme and look by launchers. Simply download this 2 apps and start customizing your app icons as per your wish

Icon Changer App Download Links :
  • Download Awesome Icon

  • Download Icon Changer

  • how to change android app icon without root

    1. Execute ICON CHANGER
    2. Choose an android app to change icons
    3. Choose an android app icon from icon package
    4. Icon will be changed. So easy to doing this.
    In simple words, After installing one of these apps, you can start changing icons with your desired images. Also some apps can avail options to change app name. Both apps are working fine in all version android mobiles and easy to use. Depend on the app, Settings and procedures are various. Also this is the better way to change your important secret apps look and hide it by unwanted app icons. So this will improve your privacy and security.

    So guys, we are at the end moments of our discusion about change your android icons with any root or without any launcher app. If you still have some query like how to use icon packs with google now launcher, or how to apply icon pack on touchwiz even how to use icon packs with nova launcher please feel free to comment us below. User also change their app icon with brand new android app icon called beautiful icon styler. We will talking about this android phone icon pack,beautiful icon styler trial apk another day. Please share this trick to friends and family. If you know more cool apps to change app icon without launcher for non rooted phone then speak to comment box.

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