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Camcard Free Download - Best Business Card Scanner App for Android

Best business card scanner app android 2017: now scan business cards to google contacts, android business card scanner source code, camcard android, fullcontact card reader, google employee business card, card io android example, credit card scanner android, camcard pricing, camcard business - For best result see the full post below.

Best Business Card Scanner App Android 2017

Howdy, Nowadays the whole lot is finished via on-line likewise from buying services or products to selling them and so is the case with commercial enterprise. That is business. And a successfull business man knows the importance of business card for spread out his business affiliation. So we need a business card.

What is a business card ?

A business card is basically a piece of cardboard or paper card bearing business information about a business company or an individual . Typically it includes the business man's name, his/her company name with a logo and contact information such as street addresses , telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses and website.
But it's far an old school practice to carry commercial enterprise cards in wallet. the new trend is to head digital or scan and store business playing cards on your e-gadgets viz android smart phone in 2017. So Today in trickshook we give you Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android
Business Card Reader App Android 2017
Camcard Free - Business Card Scanner App

Best Of Business Card Reader App Android 2017

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CamCard Free - Business Card R :

Camcard business card reader apk - Camcard is among one of the best business card scanner apps available for Android devices loved by 100 million users.

Why Camcard is best business card scanner app for android :

Because CamCard is the perfect app to manipulate and exchange business cards, an appropriate in shape for income humans, marketers, enterprise developers or marketing specialists, and everybody who need to be one. There is paid version of also available in google play store. Did you know the difference between Camcard Free VS Camcard Free. Join discussing & Start exploring today.

Camcard android business card reader :

There is two type of camcard business card scanner apk present in Google Playstore. That is camcard business card reader pro apk & camcard business card reader free apk.

Camcard Free vs Paid

So Guys, What's the main difference between the free and paid CamCard? I mean why you pay for Camcard paid version. Know the effortless functions of Camcard pro apk that Free doesn't have!
Free Camcard apk allows you to scan 10 cards in the first week and twice per week there after. But when you buy pro camcard apk then you can scan unlimited in the number of cards by Camcard Paid business card reader apk .

Camcard Android Features and reviews :

Camcard has a good iser rating and lots of positive review from all over the world. And this is happen for these following cool features.

  • 1) Its a Great, simple app for scanning an saving business card. Its character recognition is pretty good among all other business card reader android app.

  • 2) Its has ability to scans most of business card formats easily.

  • 3) Now you can share your personal card to social media like Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp etc.

  • 4) You can scan up to 200 cards in free version. Upgrade to Paid version for scan more business card.

  • 5) Get contact updates from google contact.

  • 6) Search contacts’ company news to start a good conversation

  • 7) Navigate to contact addresses in Map

  • 8) Access contact information across multiple devices

  • 9) Manage contacts from all over the world with 17 recognition languages like Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, and Russian.

  • 10) Unlock lots more features along with upper features only with purchasing the Premium version Camcard apk for android.

  • CamCard For Android Free Download

    Pros & Cons for Camcard Apk

    Although CamCard android is most convenient with all the best tools available for scanning and saving your business card contacts quickly, but it has some pros as well as some cons too.

  • PROS : -This business card mobile app eliminates the need to carry around additional hardware.
  • CONS - Duplexing is not an option with this scanner.

  • Conclusion:
    So now you know all the best business card reader cum scanner app for android. Its No. 1 Best tool for this purpus. But camcard Free - Business card reader is not alone in this business of his scaning cards job. There is lots of other best app for android present to scan plastic business card. We will post best alternatives to camcard for android. So stay tuned with us. Good bye and feel free to comment about any topic related to Best business card scanner app android 2017.

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