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Airtel Zambia Free Internet Trick Working Unlimited 2017

Airtel Zambia Free Internet Trick Working Unlimited 2017. Airtel free gprs trick 2017, Free network cheat for zambia airtel users.
Airtel Zambia Unlimited Free Internet 2017 :
Hello zambians here we are back again for a zambia free internet trick and network cheat in your airtel sim cards. We are already deal with vodafone zambia free internet trick. Hope you're liked it. Although we are not sorted out with vodafone. Hense we are going for discussion for airtel free gprs tricks. Use and reply soon for this best satisfactory free internet trick.
working: Vodafone Zambia Free interet Xp Psiphon Trick 2017

Airtel Zambia Unlimited Free Internet Trick :

hello zambians, you might know airtel have some host which are opening in zero balance too. This is trick is host based also. So this trick is working all the time. If you are unable to connect thats mean your airtel sim might be blocked that free host. But don't worry, airtel doesn't blocked their host for a long time. And you must be follow our all free internet steps corrently in order to connect it successfully. So lets start…

Airtel Zambia Free Internet Opera Mini Handler Trick

  • 1) At first download opera mini handler 7.6.1 From here

  • Do this apn setting for airtel zambia free internet trick
    Zambia airtel free internet apn setting

  • 2) Then install and open it

  • 3) Open its handler page and choose…

  • Proxy type: Host  opera mini handler setting for zambia

  • Proxy host: videos.zm.airtellive.com/VID/

  • Now save setting and install opera mini and browse freely under opera mini handler 7.5.3

  • Airtel Zambia free internet Xp Psiphon trick

    Airtel zambia xp psiphon vpn apk trick is easy than ever. Its setup process so that you can easily connect to xp vpn.

  • 1) At first download xp vpn apk

  • Now download this airtel unlimited .xp config file here

  • Download zambia airtel.xp

  • Download zambia airtel1.xp

  • Download zambia airtel2.xp

  • 2) Install and open xp vpn

  • 3) Click Import config

  • 4) Locate your download .xp configuration file and successfully import it.

  • 5) Now click connect thats all

    Zambia airtel Free Internet Webtunnel vpn Trick

  • 1) Firstly download webtunnel vpn apk from here

  • 2) Now install and open the vpn apk

  • 3) Now put this airtel zambia free in proxy host sections

  • 4) Proxy host:

  • 5) port : 80 Airtel zambia free networks cheat

  • 6) Select protocol : FASTEST HTTP:1 Or FASTEST HTTP:2

  • 7) Now leave all other same and connect it. Hurray it will be connected within minutes.

  • Airtel Zambia Queencee Vpn Free Internet Trick

    Now learn how to get free internet by gravity vpn in your airtel zambia sim cards

  • 1) Download Queencee Vpn Apk from here

  • 2) Install and open queencee vpn

  • 3) Configure free internet setup in handler like this

  • Proxy type: HOST OR Real host or Dual Real Host

  • Proxy server: videos.zm.airtellive.com/VID/

  • 4) Now save and allow vpn service and connect it whole device mode.

  • So now you know all about " Airtel Zambia Free Internet Trick Working Unlimited 2017 " . If any issue realated this zambia free internet in your airtel sim then feel free to comment me under comment box.


    1. Hi the xp psiphon config file is requesting for a password in order to import. What is the password

      1. Ooho i forget to mention that bro!!
        the xp psiphon vpn config password is- Trickshook.com

    2. I tried out the web tunnel and queence vpn.they refused to connect. Got a reply cant connenct to server.

    3. Non of above is working for me

    4. AnonymousJune 18, 2017

      nothing is working i tried all the settings

    5. the XP psiphon is not working out for me, do you have any new configuration?