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Vodafone Zambia Free Internet XP Psiphon Vpn Trick 2018

Hello guys, i have good news for mine zambia friends. As its a vodafone zambia free unlimited internet trick, which i going to post today in trickshook. Recently we have many comments from our zambia friends requesting post some free internet tricks for them also. So without wasting time today we sharing Vodafone Zambia Free Unlimited 3G/4G Internet Xp Psiphon trick (Openly Posted)

Zambia Vodafone 3G/4G Free Internet Trick with Xp Psiphon 2018

So, today our topic is Zambia Vodafone free internet tweaks for high speed 3G browsing cheats in 2018. This trick doesn't need any promo load or subscription. Use this trick freely with zero(0) Balance.
This Unlimited Free Internet trick is only for Vodafone Zambia users
Vodafone zambia free internet

  • 1) An Zambia Vodafone Sim
  • 2. An Android device or PC with Android Emulator.
  • 3. XP Psiphon Mod Apk ( Download Link Given Below)
  • 4. Manual configuration or pre-maid configuration .xp files
  • 5. Little bit patience.

  • Vodafone Zambia Free Internet Xp Psiphon Manual Configuration Setup

    Howdy, we are posted a free internet xp psiphon setting openly. No neex to download any .xp file. Now any one make free internet with vodafone zambia sim card. You can experiment with proxy settings to learn more network bugs. We can say its a edicational post for new geeks who want unlimited free internet in their vodafone zambia sim cards.

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  • Now move on to our main part.

  • 2) Now install the vpn in your android smartphone and open it.
  • 3) Goto XP GENERATOR from the slide menu in xp vpn apk.
    Goto xp generator for free zambia free internet
  • 4) In XP Generator menu put this free zambia vodafone host in URL area.
  • web.whatsapp.com

    put proxy for free net tweaks in Vodafone Zambia
  • 5) Now put this proxy & Port in the way like proxy:port in desire section placed right to the proxy
  • 443
  • 7) Now Click Generate button
  • 8) So Zambia users now Enjoy Free Internet in your Vodafone sim.

  • Vodafone Zambia free internet xp psiphon connected

    Vodafone Zambia Free 3G internet tweaks with .xp config file

    Feeling lazy to setting up these Hard configuration!! Yeh. Then This is for you. Download the .xp file below and setup free net easily.

  • 1) At first Download ZambiaVodafone 2018.xp config file ( Google Drive Link Updated )

  • 2) Open XP PSIPHON vpn

  • 3) Click Import Config

  • 4) Locate .xp file from download location and import successfully.

  • 5) Click Connect and enjoy free gprs in vodafone zambia operator.

  • Conclusion:
    Now You know everything about "Zambia Vodafone 3G/4G Free Internet Trick with Xp Psiphon 2018" , hope you are understand this trick and enjoying free internet browsing cheat on Vodafone zambia sim. Although i am describe this trick in detail already, then if still have some query about this " Vodafone Zambia Free Internet Xp Psiphon Manual Configuration Setup " Feel free to comment.


    1. And the password for the config file?

      1. The password for the config file is Trickshook.com

        Happy browsing :)

    2. Import says "cannot read file". Any idea?

      1. DonDon't know, why sometimes unlimited.xp files are crupted while uploaded to datafilehost

        Now recheck it bro.i updated the .xp file download link with google drive

      2. Hello bro. Still getting the "cannot read file" response. Let us know when it is fixed. Your efforts are appreciated, thank you.

    3. AnonymousJune 09, 2017

      Hope it works now been trying it for a while now but nothing is happening...do i need to buy a vodafone bundle first to activate this???

    4. Replies
      1. wait for some time.i need some time to fix it

      2. Bro i want frer tricks for mtn nd airtel

    5. Can we chat bro i want mtn nd airtel

    6. i just want to say to mine all zambian viewers, stay with trickshook.com

      i will fix this issue on zambia free internet vodafone soon.
      i need some tester for this vodafone zambia free internet
      please use one of the below hosts and say whats are opeing on your vodafone zambia simcard at zero balance;

      hosts are:---
      1) zm.barclays.com
      2) mcare.vodafone.zm:8080/mc/selfcare/v2/proxy/
      also try

      or try 443 TCP Port On hammer vpn

      1. AnonymousJune 11, 2017

        I can be your tester heres my whatsapp line +260954877582 and i tried those hots nun of them worked

    7. these pages open without airtime in vodafone.... are you able to make some configs?
      actimo.com and secureacceptance.cybersource.com

      1. Yes i can.

        but before that i asking you to trying this vpn.

        this vpn working with higher speed than xp vpn.
        1) Firstly download universal vpn revision apk from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BywunB4hFv0lYXpaVnZ5WGV3WWc/view?usp=drivesdk

        2)tick on "remove port"
        3) Proxy type: HOST
        4) Proxy server : One of vodafone free host
        5) Click save and run the vpn in whole device

        try and say quickly

      2. Its not working bro can u send msg on whtsapp +260965527630

    8. I try butv its not working whare can i write One of vodafone free host t

    9. I try butv its not working whare can i write One of vodafone free host t

    10. I try butv its not working whare can i write One of vodafone free host t

    11. Visit https://myboggster.blogspot.com/2018/09/vodafone-unlimited-internet-trick.html