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How to Avoid Massive WannaCry Cyber-attack

How to avoid wannaCry: As we already said, WannaCry made a massive cyber-attack towards 74 countries like USA, Russia, GermanyBritain, China and France. Throughout this weekend we are the eye-witness for thousands of computer system attacks Using NSA Exploit Leaked by Shadow Brokers. Yes, Shadow Brokers, the russian hacker group probably responsible for these massive attacks.As WannaCry's some technique are quite similar to 2016's Bangladeshi Bank attacks.We must not be rise our finger for Shadow Brokers based on these simple similarities.BBC News and all other leading News websites get a link to North Russia.So what are the basic predictions about the Ransomware attacks, read this article carefully.

Simple way to Avoid Massive WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

How to Avoid Massive Wannacry ransomware attack

  • 1) Don't visit any Porn sites now.
  • 2) Don't do any online transaction.
  • 3) Don't Use Outdated Operating system like windows Vista etc.
  • 4) Don't Use Outdated browser or Plugins.
  • 5) Don't do any bank transactions now.
  • 6) Don't use ATM now if it's not urgent.
  • 7) Don't connect your device to public WI-FI
  • 8) Don't Open any unknown emails with file attachments.
  • 9) Don't Click unknown links
  • 10) Don't upload files to Unknown online storage system.
  • 11) Don't open any shopping carts
  • 12) Please do not open any email with tasksche.exe attachments
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