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Best Safari extensions: Must have safari plugins

Hello friends, today in this article we are talking all about best safari extensions in Mac os.Safari - the web browser is the most used Application used in Macbook.No doubt that extension increase productivity.Here's our selection of the Top Safari extensions & You are at right place to find it.
Best safari extensions
Best safari extensions

Adblock safari - Best Safari Extensions

safari adblock is one of best top safari extensions in MacOs.Use it & Its must increase your productivity in safari browser.adblocker safari is also available in Chrome web-store & Mozilla plugins as well.Best of safari adblock is that you can also customize the adblocker for some websites to block the ads and put some sites into Whitelist and then adblocker will not block ads on these web address.
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ClickToPlugin - Best Safari Extensions

Increase apple productivity one step further with ClickToPlugin safari extensions.It is also one of my best plugins in safari browser of mac os.ClickToPlugin will blocks all website content that uses a plug-in to slow down your internet. You also have a choise to configure ClickToplugin so that you specify what it allows content on sites or not.
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Facebook Photo Zoom - Best Safari Extensions

when Some people upload photos in low quality on the Facebook, its so small to open. If you want to Zoom it, you can’t, so in that case you should try these best safari extensions called Facebook Photo Zoom.With this plugin, you be able to zoom into the smaller size photos without losing the quality. To use this extension you just have to place the mouse cursur on the picture and it will zoom it within seconds.
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F. B. Purity - Best Safari Extensions

This is also a best plugin for facebook lovers.Its a best extensions who spend a lot of time on Facebook on their Mac.F.B. Purity will filter out all the obstacles, leaving you just with the posts that interest you.

Awesome Screenshot - Best Safari Extensions

Like all other Os, Awesome screenshot is present at safari extentions to take quick screenshot in Mac.How to Take a screenshot in Mac? You just have to do that select the area you want to capture, and it will save on your Macbook.

Turn Off the Lights - Best Safari Extensions

Turn off the Lights is similar to Night mode which is usual almost all Os.Its increase your productivity as its best handy extensions for safari users.Its easy to use extensions.Need to watch a youtube video at night and also need to protect your golden eyes.Then just install It & It will only focus on the video section of the screen, dimmed the rest of the part except the video.
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LastPass - Best Safari Extensions

Many Tech-geeks use lot of accounts on different websites, then this extension is the must have extensions for them.Sometimes Its hard to remember the tons of password and to manage that you should try this LastPass - Best Safari extension.It is an Internet-powered service which not only manages all your passwords but also form-filling data in Safari browser sessions.Also you don’t have to worry about the privacy these data are saved with a high level of encryption.

Facebook Cleaner - Best Safari Extensions

Get Rid of Facebook ads that you don’t like ? Facebook Cleaner is the best Ad-blocker extensions for the Facebook in safari .Sometimes sponsored ads and videos in facebook makes you angry and to get rid of them Facebook Cleaner is the best extension for you. You just install the extension and it will start its work within a second.so install it and experience the diffrents in facebook on safari Mac Browser.

YouTube Lyrics - Best Safari extensions

If you spend a lot of time listening funny videos on YouTube then you'll really like the YouTube Lyrics extension.When you play a music video on YouTube this extension displays a little button just below the window. Click on the button and the extension will locate the song lyrics on the internet and display them in a window at the side of the screen.It can search a number of different sites for the lyrics and this extension works on other web sites too, such as Spotify web player

Conclusion about best safari extensions

So, We are at last poin of discussion about these best safari extensions. We hope these all Safari extension will increase your productivity. If you know more other extension which not listed here, then feel free to share in comments section.Good Bye & Stay tuned with Trickshook.com

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