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777888999 Death call : Viral Truth Behind This Social Media Hoax Call

Now-a-days 777888999 number of death, become trending viral on soical media.Personally i'm also receive lots of messeges in social media groups that telling that don't receive phone calls it will blast your phone after receiveing the call from 777888999 Number.I know i'm not alone, many of you should receive too.so i'am gonna reveal this viral truth behind the death call blast number 777888999.

777888999 Death call number social media viral news

777888999 Death call Hoax : Viral Truth

777888999 is nothing but a hoax trick in which someone tells people a lie, for example that there is a bomb somewhere when there is not, or share this picture to 10 People to avoid bad things to your life.

All about 777888999 Death number hoax

  • 1) Firstly 777888999 is an 9-digit international number without country code.
  • 2) In India, nine digit phone numbers are non-existence.
  • 3) Without country code this death number will not working in india.
  • 4) Many people says, it is a virus! Then how can there be a relation between a virus and blast of a phone?
  • 5) Make it clear: A phone call from a specific number can't cause harm to the battery and thereby explode it.Its technically not possible.
  • 6) logically 777888999 Is nothing but a hoax, there is no super natural power in it. So don't responsible for causing unwanted panic or trouble.
  • If you also forward this types of fraud messages then please stop believing in such hoax and also share this post your friends and family.

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