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How To Hide Files on Android Without Software (New Method)

[New Method]How To Hide Files on Android Without Software.Hide Files without any App.Restrict your private photos being view in galary.Best method to Hides files from Galary app.

Friends Today i Going to share a cool android trick on Your favourite Blog,which is named Trickshook

Lets talk about How To Hide Files On Android Without Software.

Best Method To hide Files on android during A University Class.

We always save our memorable photos or videos In Our lovely Android phones.Most of them are privat things to us and we don't want to share with anybody.Don't want that would seen by anybody.so many friends are searching for various softwares,apk for it.But Many times can't download those types of software for some issues.

So Friends Today Your GeekyChiranjit will share a cool and easy trick cum method to hide these Privat files without any Software.

What we need For this method:-

  • 1)Android phone

  • 2)Es File Explorer.( Highly recomanded)

  • 3) Little Bit Brain.

    Also Check :-

    Method To Hide Files On Android Without Software:-


    Best Method 1:

  • 1) At first choose the files which you want to hide.You can Hide Mutiple Files at once with this method.

  • 2) Then Create a Folder Named as "New Folder".(you can alter this name and choose name whatever you like)

  • 3) Move All of Your Private Files to "New Folder".

  • 4) Now Enter to this Folder

  • 5)Click on "NEW" >> "File" Then Create a File like " .nomedia" Then save
  • Android Tricks & Tips
    Android Tricks & Tips
     Android Tricks & Tips
     Android Tricks & Tips

  • 6) Now Go back to your galary and see the changes.

  • 7) You can see the files are not showing here in galary as there are successfully hidden by this great method.

    Method 2:

  • 1)Same as Method 1- Create a new folder and move your all private photos and videos to the "New Folder".

  • 2)Now Rename that "New Folder" To ".New Folder" . I mean to say just place a Dot(.) Prefix to your File name.
  •  Android Tricks & Tips   Android Tricks & Tips  
  • 3) Now save the file name.

  • 4) Now goto the galary again ,files will be hidden from there.

  • 5) Note:Some times This method not suddenly hide your files from galary.so Just Make "Clear Data" For Your Galary app.

    Method 3:
    Now time for last but not the list.

  • 1) Just select all your files together once.
  •  Android Tricks & Tips
  • 2) Click rename button.its will be called "Batch Rename",.
  •  Android Tricks & Tips
  • 3) Now change the File extension To any unknown name like .TT or .vv
  •  Android Tricks & Tips
  • 4) Save.Now any of your application could not recognise your files.so they can't not find on galary or any video player.
  • Conclusion:
    So Use any of these above method and keep Your privacy on.Now you know How to Hide Files on android without Software.Share this trick with your friends and family that they could know how to Hides private photos and videos safe and hide them as well as restrict them from making viral by viewing openly on galary.

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