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Best Hitleap Alternative Traffic Exchange website 2017 List

Best Hitleap Alternative Traffic Exchange Sites: Want To Increase your site Page view And Boost Alexa Rank For free?
Then Use Hitleap, an best traffic exchange system that allows you to surf other sites and get free visits to your sites. But Hitleap has many good alternative site also for traffic exchange available in web. Here am sharing some of Top Hitleap alternatives.
Best Hitleap Alternative
What is HitLeap?
HitLeap is a One of the best web based traffic exchange system for getting free traffic to your website or Blog and increasing the engagement with the visitors.Are You searching for a free source for getting Army of visitors and want to boost the engagement level with these visitors then Hitleap is perfect for You.But it is not free in that sense.It is a traffic exchange platform where you are required to arrange site visitors for other web sites and in return you are going to get visitors for your website.

So, in brief, HitLeap is actually a free visitor’s alternate internet web page to get the unfastened internet website visitors. it's far a completely simple and handy to make use of website that works on two not unusual features. put up your web site and go to the website of others in an effort to get traffic in your site as inside the return of travelling the internet pages of others. In that’s manner, each of you'll assist every different. The extent of having web site site visitors will depend on your own battle for touring the web sites of others. As many web sites as you'll visit the others as quite a few visitors and location site visitors, you are going to get in response.

Top Best Hitleap viewer Alternative Websites :

Lets find out a best alternative for hitleap.The hitleap bot alternative examples, hitleap.com alternative

HitSafari :

HitSafari is a best way to earn a lot of traffic with real visitors. HitSafari is a Hitleap.com best alternative traffic exchange platform. This platform is best known for delivering the Unique & manual traffic exchange solution to its Subscriber.

EasyHits4U :

Since 2003, EasyHits4U is the Right Alternate For Hitleap Traffic Exchanger. Because EasyHits4U offers the best way for traffic that 1:1 exchange ratio to each of its members.If User want one unique visitor on their website, then they must visit of any website provided by the EasyHits4U. The other best thing about EasyHits4U is that gives hugh traffic to your blogs and sites to help many Bloggers to promote their valuable content online.

10KHits :

10khits is similar to EasyHits4U & Also a No.1 traffic exchange platform that a Best alternative to Hitleap viewer.10KHits offers some service for users to boost their website worth within moments.In 10KHits You just need to click the links of other users website and they also do the same thing for you. The best part of 10kHits is real time visitors, more time spent on your website or blogs for Increasing alexa rank free and earn more revenues from your blog or website.

TrafficBunnies :

TrafficBunnies Is similar 10KHits For Every business Blog Webmaster who want to enjoy the Real time unlimited traffic on their websites.They will surely like the traffic exchange system of Trafficbunnies. You required some simple steps to start with Trafficbunnies. First create a free account with Trafficbunnies and confirm the email then You ready to Use TrafficBunnies Service to Exchange Traffic.

AddMeFast :

AddMeFast is similar to Following mentined and used by many blogger from Day 1 For their great service to exchange website traffic in a quit unique way. Here you will find a Website Hits option, then just click there and follow the steps as the system promt. If you want more Facebook and Twitter followers for example you must choose Twitter Followers. It is very simple to use.Its a Top alternative for Hitleap.com site.

Tezak Traffic Power :

Tezak Traffic Power is manual based another Best Hitleap viewer Alternative platform to exchange visitors.TezakTrafficPower is a membership based platform so chances are high that you will get from here the real and genuine visitors only.The membership of this website is totally free.So use Tezak Traffic Power alternative Right now and Boost your website Ranking.


  1. You can also add to this list https://webhits.io

  2. As I know google change their alexa rank. I will inform you that I am using EasyHits4u.