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Top 10 Tweaks To Increase Your Adsense CPC

Top 10 Tweaks To Increase Your Adsense CPC.There are Top 10 Adsense optimization Tips & Tricks For You.
HELLO Guys Today We in Trickshook Going to Discuss About a secrete Tweak to increase Adsense Cpc.
Now Almost 90% Of blogger are depending on Adsense.Are You also be a part of those people,For whom adsense is the main source of their revenue,then you can't ignore the folowing tweaks For Adsense Optimization.
Top 10 Adsense optimization Tips & Tricks
Defination Of Adsense Cpc:-
Let's start The discussion with the defination of adsense CPC.
CPC = Cost Per Click
CTR = Click Through Rate
If you really want to serious about Adsense Revenue,then you should more work on CPC thab CTR.Getting Thousands of impression with few cents of CPC,can't make any blogger Happy.


Choosing a right niche is main part these Top 10 Tweaks.If you just started your blogging carrier then you should think about your niche first.Because Cpc directly depends upons the niche/topic that you are choosing.
You might look that,non-english blog who are getting huge traffic but still lower in CPC.so think twice while choosing your blog niche.
Here are some suggestions for new blogger man----

  • 1) Technology - Tech information,gadget review Like apple iphone etc.

  • 2)Google Products - Like Youtube, Analytics,Search console,Adward Etc.

  • 3)Microsoft Products-Ms office,Ms point,Excel,powerpoint Etc.

  • 4)Banking -Loans & Liabilities & Other Financial Topic.

  • 5)Bussiness-What os bussiness,Leads for Bussiness & Other info about bussiness.

  • 6) Education Related -A Blog about University,College,School life.college Review,Top University List in USA Etc.

  • 7) You can also choose - Automobile,health,Jobs etc topic as your blog niche.

    Tweak 2: Content-
    Just Choosing a right niche is not a whole-thing,you should be a master on your niche.Try to more experiment on your niche to attract more traffic from search engine that we called organic Traffic.You should use a keyword planner to target more visitor from English Countries Like USA OR UK.

    Tweak 3: Allow/Block Ads Category:
    Are you new to adsense,Then you might find out allow/block ads section in adsense menu.There Adsense will show you which ad category pay you the most in last 30 Days.And also track which ad category pay you very lower.If you find out any this type of category which are low cpc ads then feel free to block them.You shold block that category.

    Tweak 4:Ad Format:-
    You can try to Experiment with ad format.In Adsense We have Choise for both text & image Type Ad Format which simultaneously as it gives you more CPC. Image ads are usually less preferred for both reasons less CTR and lower CPC. Though at times, depending upon the niche and blog type, image ads perform better in terms of higher CTR but CPC won’t be as good as text ads. Anyways, as I mentioned above it differs from niche type and most important ad placement.

    Tweak 5: Ads Size:-
    Ads size is greatly responsible with CPC.Smaller ad size gives you lower cpc while Big ad size gives High CPC as well as Higher CTR.we recommanded to use these type of ad size-
    728*90 , 300*250 , 468*15

    Tweak 6: Choose right Ads:
    In adsense we can deal with many type of ad,like banner ad,verticle,horizental,Link ad Etc.As we already says,For Higher cpc choose Higher ad size like banner adsor verticle ads,Large rectungle ads.And For higher CTR choose Link ads.Keep experimenting for success.

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  • Tweak 7: Ads Placement:
    Ads placements is one of the best thing for increase your adsense earning.As ads placement is varies site to site,you can try experiment every time untill you give higher CTR.We are recomanded To place your ads in middle of your website page.Turn your pageview in your Ad Revenue.place most of your ads on upper side of your blog and earn more revenue.

    Tweak 8:PageRank Effect:-
    Is CPC is connected with Page Rank? I think yes;There are few made for adsense niche sites with less page rank (or zero PR) earning more than what normal bloggers earn with his good PR site. if the blog has good content with good quality then only we can get PR 4 or PR5 and then ad on the site will be better

    Tweak 9: Platfrom:-
    Your blogs Can be read from any kind of platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile etc. Although CPC is particularly not affected by the platforms but you should try your best.CPC may increase as ads shown on Desktop are of higher quality.but choosing a large ad size can you give the same revenue like desktop.

    Tweak 10: Country:-
    Target your visitor for British country has The 100% Success rate for Cpc Increasing.As a indian click gives you only 20-30 Cents and there a USA OR UK click can gives you 1-3 $ per click.So target your visitor from those countries by choosing a right niche for Them.
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