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JioLink: Reliance Jio unveils "Jio Link" Indoor WiFi Preview Offer

Reliance Jio unveils JioLink Or jio link Indoor WiFi Preview Offer

Reliance Jio has discovered a indoor WiFi System which can be set up at houses or workplaces referred to as JioLink. Reliance Jio is predicted to release on 15th August, and with the introduction of such Indoor Wifi gadgets it'll absolutely attract new customers.

 Reliance Jio unveils JioLink Indoor WiFi Preview Offer

What is JioLink?

JioLink is a brand new service via Reliance Jio so that it will make use of its 4G signals and provide customers with efficient and powerful Indoor Wifi solution similar to a MiFi device without any battery and with a external antenna.

JioLink will use a consumer Premise gadget ready with a Unidirectional antenna for receiving 4G LTE. This CPE can be established at the Roof or Terrace, and Wifi router may be at your house or workplace. CPE and the Wifi router might be connected with a Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cable.

Jiolink preview in pink

Advantages of JioLink:

JioLink will be optimized to make the best use of various bands of reliance jio. Jio will be offering 4G LTE services in 3 LTE bands : Band 3 – 1800MHz, Band 5 – 850MHz and Band 40 – 2300 MHz. JioLink could also work as a signal booster to boost weak signals.

How to buy JioLink and cost of JioLink?

Currently JioLink is not available for sale, but within a few weeks you can buy JioLink from Reliance Digital or DX Mini stores. JioLink will be available at a one time installation cost of Rs 2,500.

Preview Offer of JioLink?
Just like with all LYF and select samsung phones, Reliance Jio will be offering free data for 90 days under the preview offer. The tariffs thereafter are still unknown.

What do you think Now? Will you install JioLink at your home / workplace ? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I am interested in JioLink. Want to know about the plans.

    1. Sure.i will post its plans as soon as possible.stay tuned.

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