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(All Answer Added)MyVodafone App Hunt The Heart Offer - Get Free 1.7 Gb 3G Data

MYVODAFONE HUNT THE LOVE HEART OFFER - Hunt all hearts from myvodafone app and get Upto 1.7 Gb Free Internet Data in Your Vodafone Sim card.Search and find all the Love Envelop and Get Free 1.7 Gb 3G Data.So Download Myvodafone App Today And Find the hearts hidden in the MyVidafone App.

My Vodafone App Find Love in Valentine Day offer - Hunt all Love Heart in this valentine weak and Get Free 1.7 GB 3G data.


My Vodafone App Hunt The Heart Contest Details :-

  • Get FREE 100 MB Data on Finding 1 Heart

  • Get FREE 400 MB Data more on Finding 4 Hearts.

  • Get FREE 1.2 GB Data more on Finding 8 Hearts.

    Just Like Our previous Myvodafone App Spot the Sunta offer this offer is same.just hunt the all heart and you will get 1.7 Gb Free 3G Internet Data within working 3 Days.its a genuine offer fron My vodafone india.

    How to Get MyVodafone App Hunt the Hearts & Win Free Data upto 1 .2 GB ?

  • 1. Download MyVodafone or update ( working on latest version Only)

  • 2. Register/Login

  • 3. Click Banner Search for love & Start Hunting!

  • 4. Dearest Cupid has hidden 8 love envelopes in the MyVodafone App.

  • 5. Search all screens of the App. Tapping on the Envelope will reveal your gift Some heart envelopes will appear only on special days. Keep your eyes open

  • 6. You will receive data within 24 to 72 hours

    Heart Location For Hunt The Heart Offer :-

    Just stay your eyes on this page we Are revealing all the heart location Free for you.So you can easily win the Hunt the Heart offer and get Free 3G internet Data From Vodafone For Free.

    Locations :-

  • 1)Goto Shop Page Or Tap on balance the swipe left to Search page, should be at the bottom right

  • 2) Amazing Offers for you (bottom menu on landing page, should be at the bottom right)

  • 3) Roaming then select within India (should be at the bottom right)

  • 4) 4th one is on the balance transfer page >> Enter any vodafone number >> at last page you will get.

  • 5) 5th one is on the main balance page. Just tap on the balance on the front page.

  • 6) 6th one is on the internet page. Just tap on the buy data on the front page.

  • 7) 7th is on the banner of Switch to 4g. TRICK:- if showing 4g not available Then it will not working

  • 8) 8th one is on the profile. Just click on profile and click on add account. There u can find it.
    We are finding more and will update you soon . If you find any answer then share it via Comments. Some Hearts will be available on Special Days.
    More Heart locations coming soon.stay tuned