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How To Create Wifi Hotspot using CMD


Hi Guys Today Trickshook will show you guys this simple but important trick which is " How to create a hotspot connection" from your PC.So many people only believe that they can create a Hotspot connection only from their Android devices and not PC of which its not actually true. Once this connection is created,you can connect other device to your PC and share your internet connection with them. This trick can you some decent amount of money from buying a USB hotspot stick. Trick is working on Wins 7 and above


Note: Please make sure that there is internet connection on your PC!

Follow the below procedures and create a virtual Hotspot on your PC!

How to activate your Hotspot Using CMD:

  • 1. Search for notepad in your PC, open it and copy the 2 commands below Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode=Allow Ssid=Wifiname Key=Wifipassword

  • 2. Now paste the commands in the notepad and save the file as wifi.bat on your desktop. Note that this file is for launching your Hotspot.

  • 3. Open another notepad and then copy the below command and then paste in there and save it as Stop.bat Note that this file is meant to close the Hotspot when you are done.

  • 4. Now double tap on the first file which is "wifi.bat" and the file would open command prompt window and close automatically in 2 seconds.

  • 5. Got to control panel or right click on your internet icon on your PC and then click on "open network and sharing centre" and then click on "change adapter settings".

  • 6. Next right click on "Ethernet" and then click on "properties" among the list of options.

  • 7. When you click on properties, go to sharing tab and tick on "Allow other network users to connect...." and then ok it.

    Alternative method for creating Hotspot Using CMD

  • 1. Go For run box. Type “ncpa.cpl” and hit Enter.

  • 2. In the network connections window, right- click on your wireless network adapter and select Properties.

  • 3. In the Sharing tab of the pop-up window, enable the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” box.

  • 4. Right-click in the bottom left of your screen to launch an administrative command prompt.

  • 5. The command editing window will pop up. Type the following command like: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=“WIFI-Name” key=“Wifi-Password” The ssid is the name of your network and the key is the password. You can name them like the above command.
  • Input-command-in-cmd-in-pc-for-activating-wifi-hotspot-without-software
  • 6. Press enter and the Windows 7 system will make a Wi-Fi hotspot. The last thing you need to do is to enter the commands:
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

  • 7.To stop just type
    netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

    Now you will be able to see your Hotspot connection from your smart devices and other PCs To stop this Hotspot connection, double click on the second file which is "Stop.bat". Since Microsoft has removed the graphical wizard to help setup hotspots in Windows 8 and up, you can try the cmd like above to build your own wireless hotspot access point on your Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC

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