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How to Get 4G Speed after Reaching 4GB in Reliance Jio Sim (UPDATED)

How to get full 20 Mbps speed in jio 4g after reaching the day limit of 2gb/4gb.

Friends alI know you are searching in google.com jio speed capping Solution as you know when you reach 4GB data, your jio speed will capped.

so here we made a trick about how to get 4G speed after end of 4GB data. Get 4G speed after 4GB data-We all know reliance jio giving welcome offer through which we can access unlimited 4G internet till 30th december 2016, but do you know jio speed will capped when you reach jio data more than 4GB? yes you read it right, if you already reached 4GB data, then you might be seen jio 4G speed is capped currently running 128 kbps speed

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let’s checkout how its possible

How to Get 4G Speed after using 4GB Data Full Guide 

Actually if you try to access more than 4GB data in a single, you will get 128 kbps speed or if you are using with a limit like 3GB to 3.5GB in one day, that is great you never face any issue but once you reach the limit, speed will capped, that is very big problem

Steps to get 4GB speed after 4GB data in jio sim
  • 1. Unstall all jio apps from your phone
  • 2. Download old version myjio apk From here(direct link Updated) 
  • 3. Open, and install all jio apps from myjio app
  • 4. Click on Get Jio Sim option
  • 5. Turn on your data, skip login
  • 6. You will automatically logged to the app
  • 7. That’s it. Now you again got 4G speed in jio sim

    Note : Don’t download myjio app update version from playstore, otherwise again speed will capped. If you again got slow speed after 4GB data, then clear data of jioapp and do same process again

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