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How to improve seo for your blog/ Website.
Improve SEO
Now-a-days It's a very common question-->how to improve SEO for your blog.
But All you’re also  probably thinking:
“How do I dominate search engine results?”
If you’re a small fish in a big pond, it can seem impossible – but don’t Loss the hope.
Today i'm going to share some killer tips & tricks to improve your SEO.
Search engine optimization-SEO

1)Get a google Page 

Google has incredible SEO value.When you connect your Google page to your Blog/website, your face is shown next to all of your search engine results.isn't great.
so,How can make this happen :

a)You need a Google account. If you don’t yet have one, get one now.

b) Go to your Google profile, and click About->Links->Edit

c) Go to the “Contributor to” section, and add a link to your website.

d) Make sure you have a Google profile picture – and make sure that it is a photo of your face.Only face pictures are allowed.

e) In order to prove to Google that you’re the real owner of your site, you need to put a link to your Google profile somewhere on your website. Hint: you should add this to the bottom of all of your pages (ex. “Join us on Google ”).

And that’s it! Within a few days, you should see your face popping up in search results.

2)Spend 10 Minutes everyday with google  

not only create a google Page,you must spend atleast 10 Minutes.i know i can do that.so spend some times every with google  Like other soical site example: Facebook,twitter etc. etc.

3)Research for keyword 

keyword truely perform a great roll in seo.
search your site's well perform keyword from SEMRUSH.COM & Track your keyword.
Must Use your high-rated keyword in your tittle.

4)SEO friendly page 

make sure all of your pages are Google-friendly.
a) your main headings must in <H1> tags.
b) your subheadings Must in <H2> and <H3> tags
c)  title of your page Must contain your keywords.
d) As well as  the main heading on the page must be contain your keywords.

5) Find top ranked blog

use dropmylink.com To find top ranked blog/website accroding to your keyword or niche.

6) Don't afraid to copy 

after finding top ranked blog/website accroding to your keyword or niche from dropmylink.com ,Click on one of their websites, and look at it closely.
Take note of the structure of the page. What does their headline say? How long is their text? Do they have lots of links in the text of the page?
Now comes the important part: we copy what they’re doing. Not the text of their site, of course, but the structure.

Important - Do NOT steal the text/content from their pages.Only copy their structure and style.Google knows all and will penalize your site!

7) Get more traffic from youtube 

make some videos on your content and put them on youtube.
on description box put your website link and some details.

8) Get some free backlink 

Method 1 : Use dropmylink.com to find top ranked website at your keyword/niche>>click one of them>>see their post and give them some positive comments to that admin.
Always respect others bloggers.don't use bad word/language in comment box.

Method 2 : Use http://backlinko.com/17-untapped-backlink-sources To claim some backlinks.

9)  Social Content Will Gain Prominence 

In the coming times, content from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will gain more importance on the SERPs.

10) Mobile Optimization Will Become Crucial 

Is your business website mobile-friendly? Your audience is no longer in one place. People use all sorts of devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, phone watches to browse web. Keeping this in mind, plenty of brands went mobile-friendly in 2015. And we anticipate that more brands will take up this trend in the upcoming year. Mobile optimization will become the norm, rather than exception.
Make sure your blog/website must be mobile friendly.

11) Local SEO to Become Even More Important

This trend is only going stronger over the years. According to Entrepreneur.com, local SEO is likely to gain solid grounds in the coming days . As a marketer, you have to let Google know where you are located and what you are offering so that your chances of showing up on pages, especially in front of the relevant audience, increase. It is must to have your local pages which will include the name of your business, address etc. with Google, Yahoo and Bing.
To get local SEO goto bussiness.google.com Create a bussiness name to your site name Or blog name.put all address details their.and verify it through post.

12) Steal backlinks from your competitors

Open Site Explorer will be really helpful, because you can check where your competitors are getting their backlinks, among other things.
It’s not a bad idea to try to get to know the owners of those websites linking to your competitors.

Final words: 

main thing of the seo is your content.so work hard.and improve your content And improve your SEO.


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  27. Type of Damage/Loss- Before choosing the type of insurance, ensure you read the terms and conditions well. Always check the type of damages and loss your moving insurance will cover. Choose only that type of insurance which covers maximum damages of goods.

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  28. Claims- Also understand from the insurance company as well as your packers movers what is the claims procedure. In the scenario of any damage and you have to file claims, then how much time does it take for those claims to be fulfilled. This information will be very important.
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  29. Paperwork- Do all necessary transit insurance paperwork if you are taking the cover. If you don’t do proper documentation then in the circumstance where damage happens to goods during relocation, then you will not be able to file a claim. Thus always do signed and stamped documentation and keep it handy till your goods reach you safely.

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  30. Scope of cover- Another important thing to know for moving insurance is to know the scope of the insurance cover. Understand in advance what is the scope of the insurance. Will it cover any loss due to mishandling? Will it cover any negligence loss due to shifting company? All these are important things to know before you go ahead with insurance.
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  31. Shifting has become a major necessity with evolving opportunities across the different states in India. However though shifting can be the door of opportunity for many individuals and families but it does bring a lot of hassle both in terms of school and bank formalities. Therefore there are certain tips for home shifting in India that is indeed very helpful during your process of shifting to a new city.

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