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Updated Trick- Earn unlimited paytm cash from taskbucks {fully described}

Hello trickshook guys,
 Today i share Unlimited Paytm money Trick from Taskbucks.Its a old well known trick but  Now-a-days its not working any more so i'm going to update this.
Just follow some steps and Grab this offer Fast.


How to Get Unlimited Paytm cash from Taskbucks app : 

  • 1. First of All, You have to Download Taskbucks app from This link .

  • 2. Open this app Normally, Enter Your Mobile Number and Enter Refer code as “VWQ6D92H” . ( Please enter Refer code to Support Us for First time only).

  • 3. Verify Your mobile number, It will auto verifying (that number must be on your mobile) .

  • 4.You'll be Redirect to Dashboard,You Have to Install any 1 app to Earn Unlimited Paytm cash from Refers.

  • 5. After Downloading app , open it For 5 minutes.

  • 6. Go to “ MENU” and then click on
    “INVITE AND EARN ” tab to Get Your own Refer link to Earn unlimited.

  • 7. Share Your Refer links to friends or Family. (You will Get Refer amount as per present time). 

  • Unlimited Taskbucks app Refer and Earn Trick Loot : 

     Requirements to Use Unlimited Trick 

  • An Rooted Mobile Phone – Click Here

  • Taskbucks app – Click Here

  • Fake Text  SMS app – Click Here

  • Textra SMS app – Click Here

  • 1) Create a New Contact in Your Mobile with an Name and Number Like as :

  • Name : VK- TBUCKS
  • Mobile Number :
  •  VK-TBUCKS/VM-TBUCKS (Would be Different Everytime). 

  • 2) Download Tetxra app , If already than Ignore step.

  • 3) Open Textra SMS app, Navigate to Your messages & select TaskBucks OTP SMS >> Click On ” D Sign ” On Top Right corner.

  • 4) Now click on “ Create New contact ” (SIGN IS IN TOP RIGHT CORNER), In Textra SMS App >> You can see here Phone Number like VK- TBUCKS there , copy same in Name TASKBUCKS APP

  • 5) Open Taskbucks app Normally and Enter New Mobile Number and Enter Your Refer code and Click on “ Submit ” option.
    6) Now, Just You have open Fake Text SMS App. 
  • 7) Just choose the Contact which You have created with VK-TBUCKS name TASKBUCKS APP 

  • 8) Choose time 1 Minute More Than the Present Time , Now put the OTP SMS message which you have Recieved in New Entered Mobile Number & choose Inbox option (Enter Right OTP that will Get on Number).

  • 9) Finally, Click on “ FAKE ” button.

  • 10)  Hurrray!! You Bypassed with OTP veification process.

    Note: If you fail to bypass otp verification process by fake text sms app then it is for you."follow carefully-

  • 1)Open taskbucks enter mobile number (*That not on your phone*)
    >>refferal code>>then start verification process.

  • 2)After that you will receive otp on that number.note down that otp.

  • 3)open fake text Sms.

  • 4)choose contact-->VK-Taskbucks

    5)Put real present time & Date

    6)choose type-inbox

    7)put messege like that 

    " Welcome to TaskBucks, your a/c verification code is: xxxxxx "
    xxxxxx-is your referal code respectively
  • 8) now click " Fake".

  • 9) now click recent key and Now goto taskbucks app from recent bars.

  • 10) now hold on taskbucks verification page for some seconds .

  • 11) if it still not bypass verification then again press recent key,and when recent bars are showing, clear taskbucks app from that.

  • 12) now again open fake sms app & Again press fake button.

  • 13) now again open taskbucks app from App drawer.

  • 14) IT will again open taskbucks signin page.

  • 15) put number,referal code {if show blank field there} , now press "verify" 

  • 16) it will directly go to verification page.
  • 17) now this time you must be bypass verification page(** 100% garentied**)
  • 11)After that download Device Emulator app
  • [ Download Here ]

  • 12) Now open
  • 13) Installer>>Modules>>Tick on Device Emulator app>> Reboot your device now

  • 14) Now open device emulator app & tick on all the options [IMEI, Android ID, Advertising ID, Serial, Bluetooth Mac, Wifi Mac, Wifi SSID & Google Email]

  • 15) Then lick on “Random All” option which is situated at the top of Device Emulator app

  • 16) Go to the last option “Google Email” and enter the package name
    "com.taskbucks.taskbucks"  and Save the package name.
    ---------------------------------             Note:-
  • Don't use abstract gmail id's 
    like JhoPk5A04vufx @ gmail.com or R2ZGCVRVh @ gmail.com, Which found on device emulater app by default.

  • Use only genuine gmail ids like rahul.sarkar 653 @ gmail.com
    (*just a example*)
    that id truely present & created by others people.
  • 17),Now Download Taskbucks app from your own referral link Open the app & Enter any new mobile number and put your referral code Verify your mobile number

  • 18) Download any 1 app and You will Get Refer amount in Your main account.

  • 19) To get the Fast cash just You have Download cleartrip app From List

  • 20) Repeat all steps again and again to Earn Unlimited.

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