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Get Rs 20 Paytm Cash on Vanita Magazine Pack

Paytm vanita magazine offer, www.paytm.com/vanita, paytm.com/vanita


Paytm Vanita Magazine Offer : Get Rs 20 Free Paytm on Every Paytm Vanita Magazine

Hey Trickshook.in users, 
Once again paytm is back with an another awesome offer where you will get Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash on every Vanita Magazine.

Lats time paytm cash offerring Pepsi and
Schmitten Chocolate pack . This time again offerring the same offer an another magazine company.

To avail this paytm vanita nagazine offer You just need to buy an vanita magazin from any nearest store and then you will find a unique coupon code which can be redeem paytm cash so hurry up and follow below steps to avail this Paytm Vanita Magazine Offer

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How to get Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash under Paytm Vanita Magazine?

*1. First of all visit any nearest store and buy a vanita magazine

*2. Paytm Vanita Offer should be mention on vanita pack so check before buy

*3. Now you will find a unique coupon code from the Vanita Magazine

*4. Once you got the coupon, then you can redeem it as Paytm Cash

So you have successfully got coupon, now its time to redeem it so here i’ve added all cool steps to redeem the Paytm Vanita Coupon

How to redeem the coupon?

*1. Get your unique coupon

*2. Then visit https://paytm.com/Vanita

*3. Enter the coupon code which you got via vanita

*4. Now login your paytm account

*5. Bingo!! Rs 20 will be added to your paytm wallet instant.

Please Note – Use only chrome/firefox/internet etc browser during the redeem coupon otherwise may you get some problem!!

You can use this cash as recharge, bill payment, shopping etc

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