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Airtel 4G Loot: Get 2 GB Airtel 4G Internet Absolutely Free For 3Days

Airtel 4G Loot: Get 2 GB Airtel 4G Internet Absolutely Free For 3Days

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hi friends,how are you? fine
ok then today i going to share a trick in which you can get 2 GB 4G internet data for 3 days absolutely free As You Know In India First Airtel launched 4G services By calming he is giving Maximum speed in 4G all Over India.In this Regard they come with a 4G Wifi Hotspot Plan in which users or customers who want to test or purchase Airtel 4G or Airtel Routers they can enjoy Free 3 days 4G services with Airtel wifi Hotspot devices.To take this demo or test before Buying 4G services you have To deposit Rs 2300 as refundable security deposit. After Depositing this amount You Receive Airtel 4G WIFI Hotspot device with 2 GB 4G data for 3 days .
Now you can enjoy this data 3 days and if you like then you can purchase 4G services or Not like or plan in future simply say No to operator Your Rs 2300 returned to you.

So Now You Understand All The Points ,Let me tell you How you Request For 2 GB 4G Free Internet Trial DATA From Airtel Just Follow Below Easy Steps To Get this Airtel 4G Hotspot Offer

How to get Free 2 GB 4G Internet Trial Data under Airtel 4G Hotspot Offer?

1) First of all visit Airtel 4G Hotspot Offer Page Click Here
2) Now Here You see all the detail which we given above Just verify it.
3) Now simply Fill The form on Offer page and Get a Call Back.
4) Now next 2 or 3 days You receive Call from airtel Just confirm that You are willing to take Trial and in future 4G services also.
5) In Next few days Airtel Send 4G wifi Hotspot device with 2 GB 4G data For 3 days.

Thats it. 
Now Enjoy Free 4G Internet next 3 Days.

After 3 days If you like To continue then you need to Buy 4G Services if Not simply Denied Your all money refunded.

Tems & Conditions of This Airtel Hotspot Offer:
1) 4G LTE services are only available in select towns and cities. Please visit www.airtel.in/4g for a complete list of the same.
2) The offer allows use of 4G services on the Airtel 4G hotspot device for a data limit of 2 GB for a period of three (3) days.
3) The 4G services cannot be recharged or topped-up once the 2 GB data limit has been exhausted within the offer period of 3 days.
4) This offer is only available to Indian citizens over eighteen (18) years of age.
5) A subscriber willing to avail the offer will need to give a refundable security deposit of Rs. 2,300/- (Rupees Two Thousand Three Hundred only) against which he/she will be provided one Airtel 4G hotspot device.
6) The offer is not available on any other device other than the Airtel 4G hotspot device.
7) If the subscriber wishes to continue using the 4G services on the Airtel 4G hotspot device, it will purchase a new connection from Airtel under his/her
8) On expiry of this 3 days offer, if the subscriber chooses not to continue using the 4G services the subscriber shall immediately return the Airtel 4G hotspot device with its original packing, subject to reasonable wear and tear, along with all its contents, failing which Airtel will be entitled to forfeit, withhold or deduct from the security deposit.


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