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How To save battery upto 98% In any android phone 2016

Hey friends here i come with New app which you searching.
Its called L Speed .
it can automatically add tweaks to optomize your android for better performance & Low battery drain issue.


1)L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks
inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to
improve overall performance, reduce significant
lags, and extend battery life.
2)The mod will and should work on any device that
meets its minimum requirement.
3)You only need a rooted Android device, Android
4.0 and later is needed for L Speed app to
function properly.
4)Uninstall beta version to run stable one

Recommended setup For most of all android:

Ram Manager - Balanced
Kernel Tweaks - Light
Kernel sleepers optimization - On
Battery improvement - On
Flag tuner - On
Fast charge - On (needs kernel support)
Improve scrolling - On
Disable debugging - On
Disable logging - On
Disable kernel panic - On
Cleaner on boot - On
IO Boost - On
SD Tweak - On
Partition remount - On

Official website (track everything about L Speed

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