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[100% working]Airtel Webtunnel trick updated 2016

Hello friends today i am sharing a new trick by which you can use free internet on your airtel sim.
This trick is 100% working and personally tested by me.
1.Unblock airtel sim
2. 3G enabled
1. At first download Webtunnel VPN from here ::--
2. Install and open webtunnel VPN
3. In Header Host type ::--
4. Select any server (free server-7,ca recommended)
5. In Proxy Host type ::--
airtel.newshunt.com (or)
56789.airtel.in (or)
airtel.jumpgames.com (or)
wynk.in (or)
any free host
6. Port ::-- 80
6. Now select ::-- Fastest HTTP:1 -- See below Screenshot
Done !! Now Connect and enjoy high speed free internet. Daily limit 250 MB
   Reconnecting problem fix::->>
1.don't use airtellive.com as free host in webtunnel
2.don't use any kind of proxy or port in phone's apn setting
3.use unblock sim
4.if still reconnecting occure minimize webtunnel and try to openone.airtel.in/night
in default browser
your problem must be fixed.
feel free to comment


  1. sorry to say but not working Dada..I am SOHEL,...Ami ekdom puro right vabe try korlam but not working...khali waiting for server reply and reconnecting dekhache...

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  4. Brother WebTunnel reconnecting init.instance problem are fixed so I unble to use this VPN please provide me above error solutions.

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