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Transfer file in Rocket Speed through super beam pro.apk

Download SuperBeam

SuperBeam is the easiest and fastest way to
share large files between Android devices using
WiFi direct. Devices can be paired using QR
codes (with the included QR code scanner) , NFC
or manual sharing key.


1)Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct.

2)Pair devices using NFC or QR code scanning.

3)Sharing with devices that do not have
SuperBeam through web interface.

4)Share single or multiple files of any type (photos,
videos, zip files, APK’s, contacts… You name it!).

5)Keep history of all transfer operations.
Light, dark and AMOLED color themes.
No more ads.

Super easy sharing with your computer using
SuperBeam app for PC (compatible with
Windows, Linux and Mac)
Change default save location to any available
Send entire folders and preserve their structure.
Receive using manual sharing keys.
Send to more than one device at the same time.
Share unlimited number of files on web interface,
with the ability to download complete structured
Unlimited history records.
And much more!
All received files are stored under “/sdcard/
SuperBeam” directory by default, this can be
changed in settings. Don’t worry about duplicate
files, SuperBeam will automatically add unique
numbers to duplicate file names.

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