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How to Easily Change or Fake Your Android Device Model and Brand Name

Have you ever thought of changing your Android
mobile or tablet device model? Actually you can
change your Android device model very easily
and this is helpful in some cases – for example
you can make your device appear to be another
particular device to any app. Or ever you faced
any device restriction on Google Play while
installing an app or game? For example a game
developer can restrict your device from installing
a particular game and make it available on other
high-end devices like Galaxy Note 3 (just
example) on Google Play just because that game
isn’t optimized for your device or may run poorly.
But there’s a big chance that your device could
play that game. Now if you change your device
model to Galaxy Note 3, you will be able to
install that game from store – though it may not
run well. Or you may want to show a different
device model to an app for achieving something.

Things you Need
1. Phone must be rooted.
2. A File Manager with root support and built-in
text editor.

Changing Device Model or Brand by Editing
Build.prop File

For this procedure, I’ll use a free and powerful
file-manager app X-plore . It’s a dual panel file
explorer with root support and in-built text editor
including many other features.
1. After downloading and installing X-plore,
open it up, go to “Configuration” > “Root Access”
and make it “Superuser + Mount
writable” (assuming your phone is pre-rooted).
2. Now from /(Root) drive, locate /system folder.
You should able to see a file named build.prop in
that directory.  This file contains some text
strings used by OS and other apps to identify
some of device’s information. Now long press on
it, choose ‘Edit text’.
Now you are ready to edit
the file. Here, in lines, 
look for
ro.product.model=**** and
Now change the
value to any name after “=”
as you want your
device pretend to be.
For example if you want
your device pretend to be Galaxy S5(model SM-
G900), the lines should be followings:

You can set any name or number here though.

3. Now before closing the editor, got to options
then save it. Or you should be asked if you close
the editor without saving it. After successfully
saving it, restart your device now. Now you have
finished changing your device model.

It should reflect “About Device” info in Android

settings too like following:
Note: Your network operator will see your fake
model and vendor.
BTW, though it’s very easy to change or fake
your Android mobile or tablet model,
I wouldn’t
recommend doing it unless you really need it.
Because it may introduce malfunction to your
device including existing apps incompatibility.

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