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Change your android IMEI To a Blackberry IMEI

You all know by now the usefulness of changing your Android IMEI to that of a Blackberry.
If you are yet to know, we have said it countless number of times that changing your Android IMEI to that of a Blackberry will disguise your Android as Blackberry and so you will be able to use your bbm pack on your android when you successfully change its IMEI to BB IMEI.
Prior to now, the Blackberry IMEI generator was only meant to be carried out on PC, but now, with the help of developers, the android version of the BB IMEI generator has been released, and now you can generate your countless number of BB IMEI straight with your android device without needing PC again.
So for those of you that don’t have PCs and want to generate BB IMEI with your android device, all you need do is;
= => Download, unzip and install BBGEN APK here on your android
= => After installation, open the app and start generating BB IMEI by clicking on the centralized Generate Blackberry IMEI tab that you will see, and your BB IMEI will be generated in red.

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