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All about "ROOT"

What is root?

Root is having the privileged control of mobile phone system, after rooting your android device, you can conduct a comprehensive management and optimization on your phone such as removing pre-installed system apps, disabling startup apps and replacing the system font, etc.

How to remove the apps pre-installed?

The phone usually pre-installed many apps in the very beginning which resulting in high consumption of system resources. After obtaining Root permission you can uninstall those app, free up storage space and keep your phone clean and fast.

Why is important to manage Root permission?

After getting root permission, app can access to all device and system functions which may put your phone at risk. Authorization management can effectively monitor app behavior and manage Root permissions. It help prevent the abuse of highest privileges and keep your phone safe from vulnerabilities.
Does rooting void your warranty?
It depends on the warranty policy which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers will still provide warranty service after removing the Root, but some of the manufacturers may void its warranty. Please consult your device's manufacturer for details.

Why is important to disable auto startup apps

Apps startup in the background is the main reason that causing your phone running slow, running out of battery easily, become too hot to hold and using up data easily etc. After obtaining Root permission you can disable apps auto-startup, increase the phone's standby time and run your phone more efficiently.

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